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Outsource filing all DOB applications for New Building or Alterations, encompassing Mechanical, Plumbing, Sprinkler, Stand pipe, and more.

New Building Solution Outsourcing

Alt 1 Applications, Alt-1 (No work) BSA Term Renewal Applications, Alt-2 Applications, Alt-3 Applications, Fire Sprinklers, Signs, Hotel & Restaurant, Conversion of residence to business, Interior tenant buildout, Retail establishments, HVAC system, Board of health application filings, Building department research, Land subdivision application filings, BPP Application filings, Curb cut filings, Construction Fence/Sidewalk shed filings, Canopy filings, Street tree planting filings, Contractor registration & insurance updates, Letters of no objections filings, Audit Assistance, Property record & violation research, Subdivision & lot merger filings, NYC DOT permitting, NYC ECB/Oath hearing assistance, NYC Parks permitting, NYC Transit permitting, NYC DEP permitting, NYC Fire Dept. permitting, After hours work variances, Demolition permitting, AEU Certificates of correction, Water & Sewer site connection application filings, Condominium application filings, Food service establishment Permit filings, Notices of compliance, and more! Some services may vary depending on location, contact us for details.

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